January 12, 2019


Has anyone noticed the budding whatever between Florida’s Republican 1st District Congressman and the Democratic Socialist Congresswoman from New York’s 14th District? Could they possibly be political star crossed lovers?  Even the Washington Examiner had to ask if this was the beginning of a beautiful bipartisan friendship.

It seemed to start with Congressman Matt Gaetz defending AOC as if he felt responsible for her.  On Twitter, there was a tweet with a fabricated nude photo of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Matt immediately ran to her aid tweeting “Very disgusted at how @aoc is treated here. And just a little disappointed that nobody even bothered to fake a nude selfie of me.”

The next was when Matt read the Washington Examiner’s article to which he responded “This article is instantly one of my favorite things.  Whatcha say @aoc? Wanna legalize some  Cannibas with me?”

After she tweeted about legalizing marijuana, Matt replies “You had me at hello”.

Is it just me or have our Congressman and Senators become the new celebrities like 40 being the new 30?  When did this happen? How did this happen?  Is it because of our President’s background in reality television?  Is it because of his way of dominating the news cycle and thus everyone for or against him loudly enough is the celebrity du jour?  For example, Lindsay 2.0, referring to Senator Lindsay Graham’s newfound fame when he powerfully called out his fellow members who were unprofessional, hostile and outrageous during the Kavanaugh hearings. 


Of course it was all a preview for their upcoming bid for president, lest we forget Kamala Harris, who, incidentally will be announcing her bid on Martin Luther King day.

At any rate, if all it takes for the Republicans and Democrats to work together is to see who is attracted to whom, maybe we should start an app? If you ask me, I believe so many are trying to achieve celebrity status, they are forgetting they are public servants. I mean, who doesn’t love Dan Crenshaw, but is it really cool for him to try to out speak the president on his own policies?  Or how about the new Democratic representative from South Carolina Joe Cunningham?  Did you know he actually disrespected the House and brought a six pack of beer? He was sent out, but made a joke that it was Friday.  Did he take his cues from Elizabeth Warren’s forced festive video of beer drinking? Warren having a beer:  

Where are we headed here? Where does it end? Most of them already have book deals or in negotiations with networks to be contributors.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t like it. In the era of Tweeting Trump, everyone is taking their cues from him and making bank. It seems to me all you have to do is say is something crazy, look a certain way or dance and put out your video

or appear on Saturday night live and achieve celebrity status, a huge paycheck and a cushy job in which you are home most of the year.  Wow. Just. Wow.

Defense Workers Begin Furlough


As President Obama allows 650,000 + United States defense civilians begin their furloughs, I can’t help but wonder if their political representatives will step in and take a leadership position.  Remember folks, this was a campaign promise when President Obama said that the “sequester wasn’t going to happen!”  Obviously a lie, because it did happen and it happened in a big way.  Meanwhile, our President is basking in a $100M taxpayer funded vacation in Africa, while our dedicated Defense workforce suffers a 20% cut in salary.

Surely, our Defense Department can cut a small portion of the budget without forcing a 20 percent pay cut on their dedicated work force.  When I say dedicated, I mean that most of them care so deeply about the job their doing, the almost never complain about long hours and are typically focused squarely on the mission at hand.  Many of them don’t claim their overtime, even though they work it hand over fist.  All federal workers have had to withstand a pay freeze the last three years, while their corporate counterparts have seen raises in excess of 10 percent in that same time period.  The federal workforce has been pounded and I believe that it’s time for it to stop.  If we want to cut the federal budget, then target programs and cut them.  That’s how you get after balancing the American budget.  Here’s a fairly significant list of why furloughs are bad for America:

  1. They hurt people!  Ripping 20 percent of people’s salary right out of their pocket means they may not be able to pay their bills.  They will soon begin to default on their obligations and may not be able to maintain their security clearances as their credit score begins to falter.
  2. It hurts morale!  When you take money out of their pockets, they are no longer loyal to the organization and may not respond as fast as you’d like them to.  In fact, I’d venture to guess that they won’t even give one minute of extra time.
  3. National readiness ultimately suffers.  If Defense workers are taken out of the readiness equation, things like aircraft availability, weapon systems, etc. may not be available when we need them.
  4. Allowing the federal workforce to be furloughed is political suicide.  Rest assured, they’ll all vote with their pocket books.  Losing a portion of their salary wasn’t the “deal” when they agreed to work for Defense.  Cutting their pay is the ultimate “slap” in the face.  650,000 hard working Americans will cast their vote in their own interest if it means they won’t lose money and can be promised small future raises and support by their country; which is really all they want.  Remember, while the furlough number doesn’t represent the entire all voting Americans, let me tell you, their influence is far and wide.  They have family, friends, and constituents who will ultimately rally to support them.  This will have a profound impact on our elected officials.

The big question is:  Does Defense really need to furlough their dedicated civilian work force?

Rep John Barrow D GA

To discover the answer to this question Congress should ask for current spending patterns within the department.  In other words….  Of the amount we’ve appropriated in the O&M accounts, how much have your currently spent?  If they’re not on a straight line spending pattern, or exceeding it, then an immediate hault to furloughs should be implemented and Defense workers paid their money back. Representative John Barrow, D-GA has put forth legislation to put all Defense workers back to work for the good of the country.  He’s right, the Defense Department can find other places to save money, rather than sticking it to the work forces, again!

The Keystone XL Pipeline And You

If you haven’t heard by now, the Canadian Pipeline Program known as the Keystone XL Pipeline is drawing large crowds of protesters in and around the DC area.  While I agree that climate change is indeed an issue that we’ve got to do better at, derailing the pipleine is bad for all Americans.  Let’s look at the pros and cons to make a better, more informed decision:


  • Puts Americans To Work
  • Lowers gasoline prices
  • Generates tax revenue to pay for social programs
  • Grows GDP
  • Decreases reliance on foreign oil
  • Gets America one step closer to energy independence
  • Helps offset higher taxes created by our socialist-leaning Democratic politicians


  • Environmentalists don’t get to have $15/gallon gasoline prices like they want.  You know why they want high gas prices?  Well, it’s so scientists and engineers will quickly develop products that don’t rely on gas and oil.  I’ll agree, that in the long run it’s a noble goal.  Problem is:  In the long run, we’re all dead (and broke.)
  • It’s great for oil producers.  Now they get to sell their product for double and take even more money out of American checking accounts!  I list this as a con because this is precisely what all Americans should be fighting against.  This is the same effect that anti-gun rhetoric is having.  Gun prices have now effectively doubled and tripled in recent weeks.  Colt and Remington are singing your praises.  They’re recording record sales as I write this post!

Keep complaining America and see what you get.  $8/gallon gas and even higher unemployment.  Are you ready to pay at the pump?  Your “cause” is noble, but your actions have second and third order effects that you’ve got to understand.  If you’re ready to pay for higher gas prices and you’re ok with Americans being out of work, then so be it!

Are these environmental complaints a bunch of BS?  Please leave a comment to opine.

Get a Job America

I know there’s a tendency by some Americans to stay at home and not seek full time employment.  Don’t worry though, because the rest of us are footing the bill for your lazy bones to be at home.  If you’re not disabled, get off your lazy tail and get going.

If you choose to “bleed” the system, it’s going to come back to bite you in the end; I promise.  America is on the critical path to failure.  Our lawmakers continue to do the “right” thing by spending taxpayer dollars.   These dollars are being used to pay for extended unemployment, food stamps, subsidies, and the list just goes on and on!

American taxpayers demand you get off your duff and contribute something.  Anything!  I hope that all dead beats out there get back to work.  We’ve got bills to pay folks…  Sit on your tail and soon, America will be in default and taken over by the Chinese.

This a plea for everyone reading this to get up, find a job and work!  If you just don’t know where to begin, go to any of the major employment sites.  Here’s a few:,, yahoo jobs,, etc.  If you’re a semi-skilled laborer check out this article on  This article does a good job of telling you about all the jobs that are available in the oil industry, which is booming because of the high demand for gas and oil.  In any case, if you care about our country, you’ll go to work immediately.  If not, let it go to hell!


Two Percent More To Social Security

If you’ve looked at your pay statements lately (or your bank account), you’ve probably noticed a significant chunk of money coming out of your pay for social security.  This was because a “tax holiday” ended at midnight on December 31, 2012.  We were all paying 4.2% for individual social security contributions, while our employers maintained their payments at 6.2%.  This provision ended, causing an automatic increase of 2% in payments to Uncle Sam.

This has prompted us to start keeping our eye on Washington.  Now, more than any other time in history, Americans should pay better attention to the “exact” decisions our politicians are making on our behalf.  Our hope is that Americans understand the fundamental differences between Republicans and Democrats.  We are working on a common sense article that will outline the fundamental differences between the two parties.  We will publish this in the next day or two and we hope Americans will start paying attention.  While political party can be important, political “ideologoy” should also be when you go to the voting booths.

I wonder how many people had “buyers remorse” when their paychecks shrunk this past December.  Did you even know that the tax holiday would be expiring?  Did you care when you voted for President Obama?  If you could now go back in time, would this make you change your vote?  These are all things I ponder as I look back at the election.

America is in serious trouble with its finances, so it’s time to get our house in order.  If you’re wondering what the next 4 years are going to be like, here are some predictions for you:

  • Expect more taxes.  America is currently running a $900B annual deficit.  In other words, we spend $900B more than we take in!  This will prompt more unique and innovative ways to take your money.  Lets take (for example) the recently imposed tax on virtually all medical equipment.  This is one of many taxes imposed by (what was then) the all Democratic Congress a few years ago.  When you look at your pay stubs, keep an open eye on the Medicaid line.  It’s got to go up folks.
  • Expect Congress to cut subsidies to almost everything.  Less aid to foreign countries.  Less subsidies to special interest groups, less “ear marks” being written into the appropriation bills, less subsidy to “Big Bird and PBS.”  You can also expect much less spending in national defense.  If the $50B annual sequester isn’t passed in in 2013, you can expect a cut this year, and virtually all future years.  This will put a significant amount of stress on the military, and you’ll begin to see a mass exodus of some of the best military officers America has ever seen.  It’s a shame, but it will happen.
  • Other agencies can expect their share of cuts too, so if you’re working for the federal government, you can expect to take on the responsibility of your co-workers, because as they leave, they will not be replaced.  This will become the norm for awhile, at least until the balance of power shifts.

We look forward to a future post that will describe the differences between Republicans and Democrats.  People certainly need to understand what they’re voting for in the future.  We certainly hope you like it.  Check back with us soon for a great “read.”